In this game we’ll be getting back to basics, with the kidnapping of farmers daughters, bandit raids, dungeon crawls and undead uprisings. This is a style I have never played, I have always been a part, whether running or playing the game, of major earth shattering events and long story arcs. There may emerge a greater story arc eventually, but that is not my ultimate goal. This will be a very stereotypical fantasy world where the players will reside in a tavern as adventurers for hire, and get a chance to really interact and build relationships with a small group of NPC’s. This game will basically be one random cliché after another, but I think it could be a lot of fun.

Reasons why I want to run this game this way:
    •The players will get a chance to experience the world without having to worry about getting to the next plot point before the BBEG destroys it.
    •It’s sometime hard for me to get every character concept involved depending on what my grand story involves. This way each character type should be able to have their time to shine and moments of glory.
    •Much more time can be spent elaborating on character histories without worrying about whether or not it weaves itself into the events of the grater story.

Character Creation:
    •We will be using the gestalt rules for creating characters, with only one restriction, no full casters (in order to keep the power level more manageable)
    •Characters will be allowed up to 2 flaws (Unearthed Arcane 3.5)
    •Characters will be allowed 2 traits (Advanced Players Guide Pathfinder), on the condition that everyone picks traits.
    •Stats will be rolled, roll 4d6 re-roll 1’s drop lowest.
    •You will be allowed to re-roll your stats one time if you are not satisfied with your original roll, but you must take the re-roll.

The Heroes of Silvermoore

Valdgrim LordIronballs