Elpa / Raddik "The Goatfaced Killer"

"baaaaaaaAAAAAAA-*BELCH!!!* ... More ale!"


Elpa was raised in a small, secluded Ibixian tribe. He is the youngest of seven children and is accustomed to being the runt of the litter and the bottom of the pecking order. He wasn’t unloved by his family or tribe, however their customs were simple but competitive and with Elpa being small for his race, on top of being the youngest, getting stepped on by older, larger goatfolk was the norm for him.

When Elpa was fully grown his horns barely stood shoulder-high with the rest of his kin. He still endured a practically invisible existence among his tribe, so when he wandered away from the tribe one particularly rough afternoon nobody seemed to notice. He had no idea that later that night his life would turn around completely.

As he wandered, Elpa heard the unmistakable sounds of a fight and went to investigate. What he found stopped him dead in his tracks. A black bear more than twice the size of the largest Ibixian in his tribe was wrestling a Dwarf that must have measured no more than five feet tall. Elpa then noticed that a Bugbear, a Gnome, a Githyanki and a Stone Giant, previously observing the fight, had now turned their attention to him. This ragtag gang of misfits, Elpa soon learned, were in fact a band of traveling prize fighters and after welcoming him into their ranks, would quickly become his new family.

Overseen by a crafty Gnome illusionist named Sixer, the fighters of this group called “Sixer’s Scrapper Sestet” were:
Klar Manender, a cocky Dwarf grappler who appreciated nothing more than the gold piece.
Welkar “The Walking Mountain,” a modest-lived Stone Giant whose immense size and power belies his pacifist wisdom.
Bullie “The Basher” Croaker, a nasty Bugbear with a bit of an inferiority complex.
Wade Thorn, AKA “The Thing From Fhigmar,” a human werebear, who, despite his feral dark side, prizes knowledge over strength.
Vyrakussyx, AKA Viker “The Vortex,” a Githyanki whose uncanny physical and mental abilities were the tools that shaped Sixer’s elite fighters.
And Elpa, AKA Raddik “The Goatfaced Killer,” whose new identity as a member of a brotherhood of equals gave him a second chance at a life worth leading.

Sixer’s group traveled the lands and entertained the masses in townside fairs and festivals as well as larger venues in major cities while the Gnome worked bookies and ensured he and his fighters were well compensated. As Raddik, Elpa gained some renown among fans of gritty entertainment as well as the gambling community, however when the people and the money stopped coming the Scrappers went their separate ways.

Elpa took the disbanding of the Scrappers worst of all. With no more cheering crowds chanting his name (so to speak) and no brothers for competitive support, he found acceptance at the bottom of the mug. Elpa hid himself under a ragged cloak and stumbled from tavern to tavern. When he wasn’t completely lost in a drunk haze, he took up the odd job here and there, though his memories never left his mind, nor did the mystical training and teachings he studied under Vyrakussyx, still unsure of the Githyanki’s reasons for teaching him.

When he finally began to open up to a handful of regulars at the Jolly Tankard he discovered five other individuals from disparate paths and with time, he felt in them the same bond that had tied him to his five bygone brothers. He now leaps (or staggers) at every opportunity to right a wrong along side the Wayward Sons. Powered by his Githyanki brother’s moral teachings and martial discipline, Elpa fights with flagon in hand, pummeling his enemies with a mix of precise strikes and alcoholic rage.

Elpa / Raddik "The Goatfaced Killer"

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