Valdgrim Thunderfist

"Old Man My A**!"


Valdgrim is a mystery in and of himself. He grew up within the solid stone walls of Barkrak Ridge where he would run the streets and play with the other dwarven children. While he acted like most of the other children, Valdgrim always knew there was something different about him, but could never really figure it out. He has the memories of being raised by parents but no recollection of where he was born.

As time passed, Valdgrim, like most dwarves, took to the more physical aspect of the dwarven life by joining the Barkrak Ridge Wardens. After going through the rigorous training and trials, Valdgrim found that the life of being a Warden was not for him, but he enjoyed the physical aspect of the training. The feel of the hilt of a greataxe or the handle of a warhammer in his hands did not seem right to him. With the hardiness and strength that the Wardens had instilled in him, Valdgrim quit the Wardens and took up the martial arts. He found that the use of his body as a weapon was much more intriguing to him than that an axe blade is his hands. Somehow his study of the martial arts came easy to him, which is very uncommon for most dwarves.

It wasn’t soon after he started developing his new skills, that he decided it was time for him to leave Barkrak Ridge in search of more studying of the martial arts. When he left he made his way south through the Kylvarn Woods. As he traveled the woods night grew near and he decided it was time to camp for the night. As he set camp he started hearing noises all around him within the woods, he started getting an uneasy feeling within his stomach and became very cautious of his surroundings. As he finally settled for the evening, there appeared 6 shadows from around him that looked like walking wolves. Valdgrim immediately rose to see that the figures had emerged into his vision and realized he was surrounded by 6 gnolls. These gnolls were out for blood since some of Valdgrim’s fellow dwarves had just defeated a group of gnolls that had attacked them within the forest.

Valdgrim’s first instinct was to run, but realized that was going to be impossible. He was outsized, outnumbered, and unarmed. From out of nowhere one of the gnolls blindsided Valdgrim with the slash of an axe that narrowly avoided his head. He started fighting back throwing punches and kicks in rapid succession hitting the gnolls with precision. As he fought on he felt a horrific pain through the middle of chest, looking down to see what it was, he saw the business end of an arrow had pierced through his back. Valdgrim dropped to his knees and fell flat to the ground falling unconscious on the way down. When he finally opened his eyes through the pain, he saw a mysterious figure standing over his body was a being he seen many times in his dreams what always thought it was just that, a dream. This person knew his name and almost everything about Valdgrim, even the stuff that he had chosen to hide from people, almost as if this person had been watching every moment of his life.

The man, without any warning, plucked the arrow from Valdgrim’s chest. With a few waves of the man’s hands, the wounds on Valdgrim’s chest disappeared as if it had never happened. As he rose to his feet, the man introduced himself as The Walker of Worlds. Valdgrim had many questions for this man, but couldn’t seem to voice the words he wanted. As the two stood there, the man stated in a deep warming voice, “Now was not your time to go, I am as much a part of you as you are a part of me.” “There is still much to be done in this world, many to help, and many that don’t belong; and you my son must do my bidding in this world.”

With those last parting words, the man turned and seemed to disappear in to the trees. Valdgrim, left speechless, packed up his belongings and made his way out of the woods. Over the many years of his life, Valdgrim has headed by those words, doing the lawful thing and helping those in need and punishing those that hurt the innocent. Along with helping those in need, he has done some digging into this man who called himself The Walker of Worlds. Little is known and even less is written about this being. Other than being known once as a great monk and mystical healer, none have seen or even talked to this being in hundreds of years.

Valdgrim lives his days, starting each with meditation and practice. Spending many hours in meditation, Valdgrim began sensing that many of his childhood memories of what he thought were his parents were just images implanted in his head, and that maybe he is part of the much more pwoerful being known as The Walker of Worlds. Through his 155 years, he has learned various techniques through other martial arts masters, each teaching him more than the previous. Now that he has found these other members he travels with, there is still much more he can learn. After meeting his fellow comrades he feels as though he has now found the reason why he is still here, not knowing if it is a certain individual or the group as a whole, he is now right where he believes he belongs.

Valdgrim Thunderfist

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